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Episode 35: Fat Loss Plateau: 3 Tips to Break It



The Beyond Burning Fat Podcast is brought to you by: Today’s Show: Fat Loss Plateau: 3 Tips to Break It   Ahhhhhh, the dreaded plateau! You know, when everything was working just great, and then, without warning, they quit working. Results cease. Today we’ll discuss just three (yes, there are many more!) ways to bust through what seems to be a plateau. Seems to be? Yes, we’ll first dive deep into what a plateau is and why it happens. This may very well have you embracing the plateau the next time it happens – or at least feel confident that you’ll be able to work through it without losing sight of your goal! So glad you’re here -- let’s jump into the episode! * * * Hello! It’s Chelle here – Thanks so much for listening! It’s an honor to be in your ears ;-) I hope you enjoy the show, and if you do . . . subscribe! That way you’ll be up to date on all we talk about. It’s a labor of love, because I really enjoy staying connected to you. And if you’re new and find yourself asking who is this