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Episode 36: What To Do When You Have a Setback



The Beyond Burning Fat Podcast is brought to you by: Today’s Show: What To Do When You Have a Setback It’s a fact of life – the fitlife! Let’s face it, there will be setbacks. But how do you keep the setbacks from actually setting you back? Today we chat about three distinct ways to help you push through those more challenging times and keep your eye on the goal. Plus I share something upcoming that’s pretty exciting . . . This podcast is dedicated to breaking down all the confusion with nutrition, fitness and mindset and putting it into practical steps and techniques to help you live a better, fit life. So glad you’re here -- let’s jump into the episode! * * * Hello! It’s Chelle here – Thanks so much for listening! It’s an honor to be in your ears ;-) I hope you enjoy the show, and if you do . . . subscribe! That way you’ll be up to date on all we talk about. It’s a labor of love, because I really enjoy staying connected to you. And if you’re new and find yourself asking who is this girl?