Joseph Castillo

Pre-eminance of the New Creation 3.1 "War in the Heavenlies"



War in the HeavenliesPreeminence of the New Creation Pt. 3.1There hasn’t been a message so critical to the time we live and yet so under taught. There very notion of UFO and Aliens are considered taboo by not only Preachers but many Christians can’t fathom the reality of issues facing planet earth as plausible or even needed, so the church is left dangerously in the dark, ignorant of spiritual things. As I introduce this topic to the body of Christ I start off discussing the Preeminent beings of creation, as we progress I unveil a false Christ that Jesus himself prophecies would approach in the last days, in addition to many false Christs. We round it off to show how this correlates with the rapture of the Church and the battle to preserve the seed that will crush satans head. Support the show (