Lost In La Podcast With Jud Travis

#78: Good Thing It's Cloudy Cause This Should Never See The Light of Day (09.27.19)



Though there's really no such thing as time, this episode was recorded a few weeks ago, when Jud took the time to sit down with a prostitute and hear her side of the story. Largely unlistenable, as most things in life are, this episode serves as a reminder that one must exercise extreme caution when booking guests. "Jump" by Stevie Stone used with permission. This episode is proudly sponsored by AdamEve.com. Use promo code LOSTINLA to save big. Thanks: mom, Stevie Stone, AdamEve.com, Erica Bystrom Recorded in the City of Assholes on 09.10.19 “Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.” -Bill Hicks, RIP www.twitter.com/judtravis www.instagram.com/judtravis www.facebook.com/judtraviscomedy