Dr. Arlene Barro

Igniting, Firing Up, and Exploding the Brands of Presidential Candidates



On the 99th episode of the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene analyzes the branding strategies of Donald Trump who trumpets the unspoken -- what people are thinking but afraid to say, and Hillary Clinton who hides in the shadows -- to be seen or not to be seen. What is the impact of Trump's and Clinton’s branding strategies on the laundry list of Republican Presidential Candidates and Democratic Presidential Candidates?   The Democratic Party is waiting for Trump to self-destruct. Will he? Tune in and find out what Dr. Arlene predicts will happen. Read Dr. Arlene’s blog post: Donald Trump Exploded His Presidential Brand http://winwithoutcompeting.blogspot.com/2015/07/donald-trump-exploded-his-presidential.html To share your predictions, Call Dr. Arlene 310-443-4277;  Email DrBarro@WinWithoutCompeting.com http://barroglobal.com/   winwithoutcompeting.com/   http://www.drbarro.com/ About Dr. Arlene & barro global search, inc: After holding high-level healthcare executive positions and making si