Up Your Volume

Making MS Your Bitch & Marijuana Chatter



So excited to have our next guest on LIVE this Saturday at 10:00am PST talking about how she makes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) her bitch! In addition her advocacy work for the legalization of marijuana is off the hook inspiring and helping all of us. Join us as we welcome my friend and fellow badass Suset "Healgirl" Marcantoni. Suset is a certified chef, former personal trainer, wife, and mother of three from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2012 she has finished two half marathons, multiple obstacle course races, including the Spartan race, and cultivated a support group for chronic illness sufferers. Through her research and personal experience, she has also become a grower and advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Suset is currently completing a degree in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching from Arizona State University. BAM. You are not going to want to miss this LIVE podcast with Q&A to follow. Join us this Saturday LIVE at 10am PST and up your volume.