Up Your Volume

Wrapping Up 2016 Highlights



This week will be a special mom - daughter live show with highlights of our 1st year. Nicki will tap into the arts highlights of the year on our podcast and V will offer the conscious living BAM's. So much information has been offered with each show that we know many of you have not been able to catch each episode. We hope to help offer how each week we were able to up the volume with guests sharing their stories, passions and talents. Starting this week Nicki will also perform LIVE to start the season of giving off by sharing her incredible talents as a singer. In addition we have some new changes in store for our live show in 2017 we are excited to share with everyone so please join us this Saturday LIVE on Up Your Volume, 1:00pm EST, 12:00pm CST & 10:00am PST right here on Blog Talk Radio!