Up Your Volume

Karma Inspiration



We all find our selves thinking about Karma. Many times saying things like 'Karma is a bitch." However few of us are inspired by Karma to create a movement, product line and dedication to sharing Karma. This week we are excited to start 2017 off with a show dedicated to Karma. Join us as we welcome Clair Bancroft; Founder, Designer and Owner of Get Karmic. Get Karmic shares good karma for any occasion. Clair will share with us the motivation behind her movement, her hopes for the message and how we can all include Karma in our lives while sharing it with others. Join us for this special 1st Live show of 2017! We are also excited to share some of our plans for Up Your Volume in 2017 that includes special guests: Dr. Terry Wahls and LIVE performances from artists all over the world. Join us as we up the volume this year regarding the arts and consciousness.