Up Your Volume

The Art of Impatience



I feel like it was yesterday I stumbled upon a company that grabbed my attention from the word go. Nutpods is that company because their product line truly answers a need I have and many others. During the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" coffee and their additives start most people's days off very unhealthy. Being able to offer a healthy solution is what Nutpods is all about. As stated on their website Nutpods was born out of founder Madeline Haydon's impatience for a wholesome dairy-free creamer that had the richness and creaminess of half & half. For years, she waited for a company, any company, to develop this type of product - without carrageenan or the "usual suspects" of titanium dioxide, mono and diglycerides, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. Finally Madeline took matters into her own hands and started a Kickstarter to fund her company and begin to carefully craft nutpods to be wholesomely delicious and to give you the freedom to choose your own sweetness level, enjoy the rich creamines