Up Your Volume

A Mission Carried Out With Purpose



Join us as we welcome live Yrmis Barroeta from Mission Heirloom plus a special post Grammy wrap up with Nicki. Mission Heirloom grew from a healing journey for both Yrmis and her family and we are so excited to speak with Yrmis about all that encompasses Mission Heirloom. From understanding a life with autoimmune issues to founding a conscious space whose "mission is carried out with purpose" we are going to talk about all of it and also the TEDx experience and how that journey evolved for Yrmis. This Saturday, February 18th together we will find out how you master a believe that "changing our food system starts with your first delicious bite, and ends with expanding your mind" as we welcome Yrmis of Mission Heirloom LIVE, 10am PST, on BlogTalk Radio.