Surfing Safari /s/

Surfing Is Fun Until The Campers Get A Surprise Visitor.

Who's Mr. Goldfluss?

When The Children On The Bus Get A Substitute Driver Who They Think Has Too Many Rules, They Quickly Learn That Following Rules Isn't A Bad Idea As They Get Caught In A Storm And...

Clean Hands, Dirty Hands

Sung To The Tune Of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, This Book Teaches Young Readers The Importance Of Personal Hygiene And Keeping Your Hands Clean.

The Tooth Fairy

This Fun Little Book Talks About The Experience Of Losing A Tooth And The Excitement Of Placing It Under Your Pillow Anticipating A Visit From The Tooth Fairy.

My Life as an Early Settler

Students Will Learn How These Early Settler's Sailed The Oceans To Come To America For A New Life. The Struggles They Faced And How Their Lives Were Forever Changed. Maps, Routes...

Mix It Up! Solution or Mixture?

Mixtures And Solutions Exist Everywhere And Students Will Learn How Some Materials Mix Easily While Others Won't Mix At All. Gives Examples Students Can Use To Make A Physical...

Fabulous Food

Sung To The Tune Of The Farmer In The Dell, This Book Emphasizes The Different Food Groups And How Important They Are For Healthy Teeth And Bones.

Getting Your Zzzzs

Sung To The Tune Of If You're Happy And You Know It, This Reminds Students That Getting The Proper Amount Of Sleep Helps Their Brains And Bodies Function As They Should.

Puppy Trouble

In This Fluent Reader, All Goes Well With A New Puppy In The House Until The Puppy Starts To Chew Up New Shoes.

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