Morado/Purple Mira el morado que te rodea/Seeing Purple All Around Us

Introduces some common objects that are purple in color including jelly, cabbage, and flowers. Written in English and Spanish.

La Leyenda del Jinete sin Cabeza

A headless horseman haunts Sleepy Hollow!  At least that’s the legend in the tiny village of Tarrytown.  But scary stories won’t stop the town’s new schoolmaster, Ichabod...

El cuervo y la jarra Versión de la fábula de Esopo

When a thirsty crow cannot drink from a pitcher because the water level is too low, she uses her ingenuity to solve the problem.

El Extraño Caso del Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde

Scientist Dr. Henry Jekyll believes every human has two minds: one good and one evil. He develops a potion to separate them from each other. Soon, his evil mind takes over, and...

El mejor futbolista

When the children play soccer, Katy is the best player of them all. She runs fast, kicks hard, cheers loudly, scores goals, and steals the ball.

El pescador y su mujer Versión del cuento de los hermanos Grimm

The fisherman's greedy wife is never satisfied with the wishes granted her by an enchanted fish.

La energía Calor, luz y combustible

La energía de la comida hace que te levantes cada día. La energía de una cascada hace que tu lámpara se prenda. Conoce las distintas formas de energía. ¡Mira todo lo que...

Yo manejo un camión de la basura/I Drive a Garbage Truck

Feel the power of a bulldozer as it topples a tree. Hear the crash of the blade as the snowplow works to clear the street. Learn about these and other mighty machines and the...

El sonido Fuerte, suave, alto y bajo

Ecos, tímpanos, vibraciones y volumen. Vívidas ilustraciones y textos sencillosexploran la asombrosa ciencia del sonido. Cada libro tiene un glosario, actividades prácticas y...

Maquina del Tiempo

A scientist invents a machine that carries him into the future. While there, he discovers a race of gentle humans. He also meets some evil creatures. Even worse, his Time...

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