Talking Books

Hi and welcome to Talking Books - my regular radio show devoted to the written word in all its forms. I interview authors, poets, features writers, editors etc and anyone who...

Book Hubbubing

Books, Coffee, Cocktails, & Chicago Life

Read A Book

The War on Kids by Cara H. Drinan

Book Talk

Book Talk features discussions with up and coming authors who have recently published new work. Topics range from 1960s Jimi Hendrix roadie biographies to modern political...

Talking Books

The world and lived experience of books, their authors and readers.

Headline Books

Podcast by Headline Publishing

Book Marketing

Vuoi scoprire come utilizzare un Libro per promuovere l tuoi prodotti o servizi? Vuoi sapere quali sono le strategie di Marketing per promuovere un Libro sul Web? Allora sei nel...

Book Discussions

Book Circle Online is the worlds first online network with shows dedicated to the intimate discussion and dissection of various books. BCO also features one on one author...

Book Reviews

Welcome! We are the Fantastic 5th grade from Portland, Oregon. We are eager to review some great books that we've read and share our thoughts with you. Enjoy!

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