In The Moment: The Mental Overload Episode 8

What is mental overload and why don’t we want it? It’s time to speak up about taking on more than our fair share of thinking, planning and arranging.

In The Moment: The Power of Plants Episode 4

With experts lauding its benefits and bloggers, celebrities and even athletes adopting a whole food approach, is it time we all embraced a plant-based diet?

History Revealed: The Biggest Bloodiest Battle Ever Fought On English Soil Episode 44

Julian Humphrys explores the Battle of Towton, a brutal clash between the armies of Lancaster and York that saw thousands fight, and die, in howling winds and driving snow.

History Revealed: Merrill's Maurauders Episode 35

Pat Kinsella meets an extraordinary unit of military misfits sent on an against-all-odds World War II mission deep behind enemy lines.

History Revealed: Slaughter Hill Spion Kop Episode 6

The kop it’s a word familiar to all football fans but how many of them know that it takes its name from a steep hill where the British suffered a bloody defeat.

History Revealed: Anne Queen of Broken Hearts Episode 15

The last of the Stuarts is hardly England’s most famous or successful Queen, but she endured hardship and despair few could imagine

History Revealed: Amadeus Episode 95

An exploration of the real relationship between rival composers Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart and Antonio Salieri

History Revealed: The Untouchables Episode 90

The real story of gangster Al Capone and his nemesis crime fighter Elliot Ness

History Revealed: The Vikings Episode 55

The Viking Age stretched from the ninth to the 11th centuries. During this era, the Vikings cast their raiding-and trading nets wide many centuries before Columbus sailed the...

History Revealed: Marie Antoinette Episode 20

From nation’s sweetheart to public enemy, Emily Brand reveals what it was that led her to the guillotine

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