Héroes de la Biblia (Bible Heroes)

The stories of Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Jonah and Ester. Music, sound effects.

Los de abajo (The Underdogs)

Azuela's masterpiece is the classic novel of the Mexican Revolution. An army doctor during the Revolution, Azuela settled in Mexico City to practice medicine and to write novels...

Cuentos de Las mil y una noches (Arabian Nights)

Dos relatos que te transportarán a países de ensueño: "Alí Baba y los 40 Ladrones" y "Simbad el Marino". Alí Baba, un pobre leñador, escucha las palabras mágicas "Abrete,...

Educación sexual (Sex Education)

Hygiene and puberty. Pregnancy and contraception. Impotence, myths and sexually transmitted diseases.

Inmigración y ciudadanía en EE.UU

Guidebook for would-be immigrants, employers and workers who need the immigration system; citizens who want to bring families, etc. Complete Q & A for citizenship test.

Ruben Dario: Verso y ficción (Dario: Verse & Fiction)

Dario is the undisputed "modernist" poet. His work is taught in Latin American schools and in U.S. colleges.

Cuentos de Hans Christian Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales)

Hans Christian Andersen's originality, sense of humor and his wisdom delight every reader. Includes: The Beetle, The Princess and the Pea, and Thumbellina.(Musical interludes)

José Martí: Prosa y poesía (Marti: Prose & Poetry)

Jose Marti is the hero of all Cubans without exception. One of his poems became the popular song "Guantanamera".

Rimas y leyendas (Rhymes & Legends)

One of Spain's most renowned authors. His rhymes are memorized by young and old alike throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

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