El aire Afuera, adentro y en todos lados

¿Por qué se nos tapan los oídos en un elevador? ¿Qué hace que los globos de aire caliente suban al cielo? Descubre todo lo que hace el aire en este maravilloso libro.

La cigarra y la hormiga Versión de la fábula de Esopo

Retells the fable about an industrious ant that busily prepares for the approaching winter while a grasshopper makes no plans for the cold weather to come.

Juanita juega

Jen uses a ball with the game to which the ball belongs, including kickball, baseball, football, and basketball.

Pollita Pequenita

When an acorn hits her on the head, Chicken Little believes the sky is falling down and runs to tell the King and everyone she meets along the way.

Hansel y Gretel Versión del cuento de los hermanos Grimm

When they are left in the woods by their parents, two children find their way home despite an encounter with a wicked witch.

Rumpelstiltskin Versión del cuento de los hermanos Grimm

A retelling of a classic tale in which a strange man spins straw into gold, asks a huge reward, and offers a seemingly impossible way out of the deal.

Verde/Green Mira el verde que te rodea/Seeing Green All Around Us

Introduces some common objects that are green in color including plants and frogs. Written in English and Spanish.

Viajes de Gulliver, Los

Lemuel Gulliver always dreamed of sailing across the seas, but he never imagined the places his travels would take him. His adventures could be the greatest tales ever told, if he...

Max va a la escuela

Max, who loves to read, discovers all the services available to him during a visit to the library.

Max va a la peluqueria

Describes Max's visit to the barber, as he gets his hair cut and combed.

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