The Gunsmith

When Spartanville is brutally raided, Dave Petrie leads the manhunt to track down the culprits. In retaliation, the outlaws kidnap four women — and demand Petrie in exchange...


This Western Duo from Lauran Paine includes tales of murder, cattle rustling and law men. Two stories with mystery at their heart.

Man Behind the Gun

Amos Swift's two sons find their father dead. Jason tells Amos to prepare the body for burial - while he, knowing the murderer's identity, sets out to even the score himself...

Guns in the Desert

In the title story of this Western duo, Sheriff Jess Wright must protect Singing Springs from the Wilton gang after their youngest member is killed trying to set fire to the town.

The Mustangers

Two Wyoming ranch hands are hired as mustangers in Mexico. But Honorio Calderon detests everything about gringos, and the mustangs have run free on his land for a long time.

Guns of Thunder

This Western duo contains tales of a wounded priest, reunited with his estranged daughter, and a town desperately trying not to let a shipment of rifles fall into the wrong hands.

Hurd's Crossing

A western duo of horse thieves, mysterious buffalo and a gang of murderers out of control in a lawless town.

Shadow of a Hang Rope

Life for John Hawk is looking up when he is offered a half stake in a stage-line business. But will his fraudulent past catch up with him?

Longhorn Trail

This Western duo sees a rancher accused of the murder of a woman he believes is still alive, and a trail drive made dangerous from the threat of Comancheros.

Rain Valley

Cattle thieves are always difficult to apprehend, but when they are protected by mountainous terrain, a lawman must resort to deception to gain access. A trio of thrilling stories...

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