Are You Living? A Song About Living and Nonliving Things

Sing a song of science! You know the song Are You Sleeping? Sing along with new words that explain the differences between living and nonliving things.

S Is for Score! A Sports Alphabet

Slam dunks, home runs, and touchdowns bring sports fans to their feet. Follow all the exciting action in S is for Score!

I'm Exploring with My Senses A Song About the Five Senses

You know the song “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” Sing along with new words that explain how our five senses help us explore the world.

Move It! Work It! A Song About Simple Machines

Introduces the topic of simple machines through the familiar tune Kookaburra. Summary provided by publisher.

J Is for Jingle Bells A Christmas Alphabet

From opening gifts to visiting Santa, Christmas is a magical time of year. Get into the holiday spirit in J Is for Jingle Bells.

Many Creatures A Song About Animal Classifications

You know the song “Clementine.” Sing along with new words that explain the six main categories into which all animals can be grouped.

Does an Elephant Fit in Your Hand? A Book About Animal Sizes

Who has large horns, and who has huge wings? Who is the same size as a quarter? Who is the largest fish in the sea? Take a measure of the many different animal sizes.

Do Lobsters Leap Waterfalls? A Book About Animal Migration

Who walks to the mountains? Who runs across the plains? Move along with migrating animals to find out where they end up when the seasons change.

Wetlands Soggy Habitat

What lives in a wetland besides flamingos, ducks, and other birds? How do plants survive in the soggy soil? What jobs do wetlands do? Wade into this book to find out what makes...

Do Polar Bears Snooze in Hollow Trees? A Book About Animal Hibernation

Who burrows in the mud, and who hangs from a ceiling? Who snoozes in hollow trees, and who sleeps in dark caves? Curl up and find out where different animals hibernate.

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