Exploring Seeds

What are seeds? Young readers will observe how seeds turn into plants and how seeds are distributed to different places.

Exploring Roots

Why do plants need roots? Learners will see how roots take in water, anchor plants to the ground, and even become foods to eat.

It's Rainy Today

Plip! Plop! Sometimes rain drips softly from the clouds. Sometimes rain comes down hard in a thunderstorm. What happens when the weather is rainy? Read this book to find out!...

Exploring Stems

What do stems do? Kids will see how stems are like straws, moving water and food throughout the plant.

Exploring Flowers

Why do plants have flowers? Readers will discover how flowers can develop into fruits, vegetables, or seeds for producing more plants.

It's Windy Today

Wind is moving air. Sometimes it blows softly. Sometimes it whips and whooshes. Wind pushes waves in the ocean. It rustles the leaves and makes flags flap. What happens when the...

It's Cloudy Today

Clouds drift and float. They move above Earth. Sometimes they are white and puffy. Sometimes they are dark and cover the sky. What happens when the weather is cloudy? Read this...

It's Snowy Today

Snow swoops and swirls. It drifts from the sky and blankets the ground. People bundle up by roaring fires. Animals snuggle together to stay warm. What else happens when the...

It's Sunny Today

The sun glows and glimmers. It casts warm light on the land and seas. Sunlight helps plants to grow. People enjoy being outside on sunny days. What happens when the weather is...

Exploring Leaves

What do leaves do? Students will learn how leaves use air, water, and sunlight to make food for the plant.

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