Gryphon King

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A land beset by magic. In the High Ages, all lands were one until sorcery and hatred ripped them apart. Athgar, last bastion of that fallen civilization, has been brought to the edge of destruction, drained of men and hope in a terrible war caused by a wizard's hunger for vengeance. A young and untried king. In his first tumultuous year of a kingship he never wanted, young Herric must prove his right to hold the High Seat of Athgar. With his foreign bride, witchborn Elaine, Herric faces rebellion and overcoming centuries of hatred to find a lasting peace. A thousandyearold prophecy. As enemies gather, Herric and Elaine learn how much harder it is to forge a peace than wage war, especially as the sinistre implications of an ageold prophecythat the High Kings' last heir will unite man and mages,or lead all peoples into darknessbegins to affect Herric directly, and all his choices can lead to doom. Can courage, honorand lovepossibly prevail? This is the stirring sequel to Wolf's Cub.


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