The Spaces Between

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This long-awaited final Joseph Communications title takes you on eye-opening odyssey through unseen metaphysical realities. The 'spaces between' are filled with wonder, spectacle and the unexpected. So says Joseph in this, the eighth book of his internationally-acclaimed series, drawing back the curtain of 'reality' to reveal aspects of the world and our physical and spiritual lives that have remained unnoticed, unseen and unappreciated for aeons. Within its chapters you will meet and understand the wondrous expressions of spiritual life, both positive and negative, that co-habit and interact with us on Earth - influential beings that have been dismissed or confined to myth as a result of our high-speed society and obsession with materiality. You will also uncover and understand some of the deepest facets of yourself, allowing you to express and project the noblest aspects of 'you' into the world for your benefit, the benefit of all humanity, and the good of the planet. An enlightening, enthralling journey through the parallel realms that exist around and within you at this very moment awaits... ...By the last page you will be in no doubt that the 'spaces between' - on Earth, in the heavens and deep within yourself - are, in fact, anything but.


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