Time of Your Life Choosing a Vibrant, Joyful Future

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“Every woman who intends to live past the age of 50 should read this book! Margaret Trudeau is thoughtful, engaging and wise as she discusses the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of women and aging. Trudeau’s writing is humble and brave, touching and funny. She is ruthlessly honest, and I loved that about her and her writing!”
Margaret Trudeau’s reflection on life and aging offers women sage advice that is honest, straightforward, and ultimately hopeful. Sharing stories from her own life and the lives of other women, Trudeau discusses everything from pension planning and retirement homes to sex and “grey divorce.” Trudeau promotes a more proactive, engaged aging process and encourages baby boomers to get serious about finding joy in their “third act.” Colleen Winton’s pleasant voice and warm delivery are perfectly suited to Trudeau’s accessible, informal tone, making this a lovely audiobook full of comfort and encouragement.