A Tale of Charles Dickens

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An exhilarating epic by the award-winning Antaeus Theatre Company with 16 actors portraying more than 130 characters. London in the 1830's - the most colorful and chaotic city in the world - and young journalist Charles Dickens is uncovering a dark conspiracy of arson and murder. A fanciful look at the man before he became the iconic author we know today. Based on an original screenplay by Janet Dulin Jones.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring John Apicella, Anne Gee Byrd, Jane Carr, Josh Clark, Angela Goethals, Bruce Green, Jeanie Hackett, Joy Jacobson, Michael Kirby, Jeremy Lawrence, Bill Mendieta, Rebecca Mozo, John Prosky, John Sloan, Devon Sorvari, Janellen Steininger and Peter Van Norden.


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