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Willkommen zu meinem Podcast. Hier erfährst Du aus erster Hand wie Social Media Marketing direkt umgesetzt werden kann.


  • Food, Business, and Blogging with Jessica Hylton and ASK Academy

    13/11/2019 Duración: 02h04min

    In this episode, we speak with Jessica Hylton, award-winning Health, Wellness and Travel Blogger. Jessica in the Kitchen, founded in 2014, is an award-winning vegetarian/vegan recipe website, sharing hundreds of whole foods recipes. It has been described as the “quintessential, modern-day family food” recipe website. She’s the author of the online cookbook “It’s That Easy” which helps readers to easily transition to a plant-based lifestyle. Jessica in the Kitchen has a monthly reach of over 8 million impressions on just Facebook and Pinterest, and is visited by 544,000 readers on her website each month, and has over 250,000 followers on social media. Jessica in the Kitchen readers are from over 216 countries & territories, with her top 10 user countries being the United States of America, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland and India. Next is France, Sweden, Spain with Jamaica falling at #29. The United States makes up about 60% of J

  • How to Retain Website Visitors and Transform them into Customers

    12/11/2019 Duración: 12min

    Are you getting sales through your website? Many times, our homepage is what turns the website visitors that we do get, away. Ensure that you include the following on your website's homepage so that you can retain more website visitors and transform them into customers!

  • Does Digital Marketing Work for a Jamaican Business?

    11/11/2019 Duración: 37min

    Does digital marketing make sense for a Jamaican business owner? Should you use digital marketing to promote a business in Jamaica?

  • How to run profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads for a Jamaican business?

    10/11/2019 Duración: 27min

    If you run ads on Facebook or Instagram and are using the "Boost Post" or "Promote" button, you should not wonder if you get likes and comments, but no sales. Learn the fundamental process that is necessary to run profitable ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Business & Branding - ASK Academy Podcast with Naomi Garrick

    13/10/2019 Duración: 01h03min

    In this episode, Alene and Simon speak with Naomi Garrick about personal branding, social media, digital marketing awareness, how to brand yourself and your business and the possibilities of social media.  Don't miss Naomi's top 4 things every business owner needs for success in 2019. Naomi N. Garrick, Personal Branding Coach, PR Consultant, Author & International Speaker. Naomi is an Author, International Speaker and Personal Branding Coach that helps individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and CEO's to discover, define and develop their unique personal brand in order to effectively communicate their expertise and stand out in their craft or industry. She is a Certified Reputation Champion by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), a PR consultant and Personal Branding Coach with over 16 years of experience in Public Relations & Marketing, working with 100+ brands and individuals. She is passionate about helping others to discover and develop their unique personal brand in or

  • Business and Blogging - ASK Academy Podcast with Jhunelle Jureidini

    06/10/2019 Duración: 51min

    Welcome to the ASK Academy Podcast. In this episode, we speak with Jhunelle Jureidini. Jhunelle's Bio: "Jamaican woman who ultimately wants to explore the world, starting with her home country. I'm a full-time travel blogger who mainly highlights things to do and places to go in Jamaica. launched in early 2017, and has acted as my main source of income and opportunities for the past 9 months.  I have 6 years of experience and certification working in the digital marketing field, which has greatly contributed to my blogging venture. Through this, I've been able to also sharpen self-taught skills including graphic designing, videography, photography, online magazine publishing, and recently augmented reality development." ASK Business Academy  Business Consulting for Jamaican Business Owners ❤️ If you find our content helpful, please subscribe.

  • Branding or Marketing? ASK Academy Podcast with Austin Whitter from DMA Ltd.

    29/09/2019 Duración: 01h06min

    Welcome to the ASK Academy Podcast.  In this episode, we have a conversation with Austin Whitter. Austin Whitter, a citizen of the world with boundless energy and a genuine passion for disruption. With a desire to live in a world where companies can scale geographical borders through understanding the value they offer the world, startups can disrupt with the right technology to match their ideas and entrepreneurs can be credible from the first interaction, the entrepreneur made a bold move to start his first company, DMA Limited, upon leaving UWI. He has shaped DMA within a few into a respectable brand for identity development, visual communications and digital solutions impacting organizations in the Caribbean, North America, Asia, and Europe. Austin is committed to a path which focuses on open and honest leadership always seeing himself as part of a team executing a shared vision. This has attributed to his success along with developing a culture of service; taking the time to understand problems, in

  • Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy, the author of "The Art Of Getting Shit Done", is joining us on this podcas

    19/09/2019 Duración: 56min

    Are you just talking or are you actually executing?  We had a great conversation with Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy about executing instead of procrastinating. Are you just talking about your plans or are you actually executing? How often is the strive for subjective perfection just an excuse not to start and take action? Remember when you learned how to walk and learned how to ride a bike? You fell a few times before you actually figured it out. And even today, sometimes you trip and sometimes even fall. But for some reason, we expect that it is different in business. Running a business works like this: You try 10 things. 9 don't work out. 1 works. You continue with the one that works and try 10 new things. Repeat. Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy is an Execution strategist. She is also a married mom of 2, Author of The Art of Getting Sh*t Done, serial entrepreneur, community builder, professional public speaker, host of Doing the Most the Misadventures of entrepreneurship podcast & Diversity in Tech Enthusiast. She

  • The State of Digital Marketing in Jamaica with Kadia Francis

    01/09/2019 Duración: 01h12min

    In this Episode, we invited Kadia Francis to be a guest on our podcast. We talk about the state of Digital Marketing in Jamaica and how you as a business owner can use it to generate more business and attract more customers. Kadia Francis is a blogger, podcaster and a self-taught digital brand development strategist. She is a self-styled digital Jamaican who uses her growing platforms to evangelize to other Jamaicans about the awesome power of the internet and how strong digital brands can be leveraged to create opportunities. Kadia is a graduate of the University of Technology and holds an Upper Second Class Honors Degree in Law. She also holds a diploma of Legal Studies from Holborn College, London. Her motto “the future of business is digital” indicates her firm belief in the immense potential of these spaces to advance small island states like Jamaica. “the digital frontier is a how the ordinary citizens of small island states can build legitimate online businesses with access to global markets.” Kadia

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