The Fourth Way: The Conservative Playbook For The New, Unified Gop Government

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“The world would be a better place if President Trump, Vice President Pence, House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell read Hugh Hewitt’s new book, The Fourth Way. In just 281 pages, it manages to offer the incoming Republican government a plausible and attractive plan of action, the effects of which, as envisioned by Hewitt, would undoubtedly please many on the right.”


  • FourthWay 01 Title

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  • FourthWay 02 DedicationsAndEpigraphs

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  • FourthWay 03 Part1 Preface

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  • FourthWay 04 Part2 Introduction

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  • FourthWay 05 Part3

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  • FourthWay 06 Part4

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  • FourthWay 07 Part5

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  • FourthWay 08 Part6

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  • FourthWay 09 Part7 Conclusion

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  • FourthWay 10 Appendix A

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  • FourthWay 11 Appendix B

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  • FourthWay 12 Appendix C

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  • FourthWay 13 Appendix D

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  • FourthWay 14 Acknowledgments

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