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This show is dedicated to celebrating the majesty of life! Here we bring you universal wisdom that you can apply in your every day living, so you too can embody your brilliance.


  • Rachel Kirkland- The Worlds BEST medium is here to light up our life!! AMAZING Show!!!

    Rachel Kirkland- The World's BEST medium is here to light up our life!! AMAZING Show!!!

    06/03/2017 Duración: 40min

    Today we are in for a special treat* We have the pleasure of welcoming 2016 world’s best medium on the show! Voted by the Paranormal World Society. She is one of the most authentic, loving and transparent down to earth people I know :) The Cheerleader of Love* Her name is Rachel Kirkland, also known as The Modern Shaman. She’s also a psychic and shaman. You can find more about her on: Today's show keeps it simple and goes deep! We discuss telepathic communication; our natural form of communication. And guide you to easily connect and communicate with other forms of consciousness. This helps you expand your perception, so you can explore all the beauty life has to offer. Unique insights and quotes: Your soul speaks in the language of your focus because your focus is your filter and your projection to how you experience your life. You can never disconnect from universal wisdom. The only choice you need to make is the one you want to experience. You are collaborating and co-creating with

  • Success in Business and Life with Leisa Peterson from the Art of Abundance Podcast

    Success in Business and Life with Leisa Peterson from the Art of Abundance Podcast

    06/03/2017 Duración: 42min

    Today we have the honor of having Leisa Peterson from the Art of Abundance Podcast. She is a successful business coach who immerses spirituality with financial wealth for a more joyful, wealthy and fulfilling life! Listen in as she brings her authentic heart centered presence to the show and shares her personal story with us. If you are looking for clarity, peace of mind and abundance then make sure to connect with her here: - for coaching, to download free e-books and to inquire about speaking. - for her podcast, upcoming events and blog. You can sign up and receive your free money assessment gift. She also offers a free chakra cleansing for abundance meditation on: This meditation is designed to make it easier to increase your concentration. She does this by guiding you through different energy centers in your body. Leisa also helps you stimulate the prefrontal cortex of the brain, so you can have a more agile ability to deal with life. Th

  • Live a Life You Adore with Natasha Black

    Live a Life You Adore with Natasha Black

    05/03/2017 Duración: 34min

    Welcome* Today's show is enlightening! We are joined by the gorgeous Natasha Black. She’s on a mission to empower women to embrace their intuitive nature and step into their authentic power. How marvelous is that? It’s music to our souls. This is where the alchemy of our desires express themselves in magnificent ways! Featured topics: We discuss the body’s vitality and how important it is to tune in and listen. We highlight how everything is working with us and that life always presents us with the resources we need to support our growth. And we bring to light the importance of showing up and taking action. A spiritual path does lead to fresh experiences and sometimes being who we are, can feel lonesome if we are not connected to our source of wisdom. This is your invitation to step up and join us! You are not alone. We are with you, here to support and guide you to express the best of you. Join our group on Facebook group Awaken to Brilliance and be part of a global movement:

  • Be Your Brilliance Now with Sara Landon and The Council.

    Be Your Brilliance Now with Sara Landon and The Council.

    10/02/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    Welcome to today's show! We are launching our first guest show with a globally celebrated transformational leader, spiritual teacher and channel of The Council. Her name is Sara Landon and her ability to channel an energetic presence of higher consciousness makes her expression of brilliance truly special. Sara Landon is on a mission to awaken millions of people to their heart's fullest potential.  Sara Landon and The Council guide you to realize the truth of who you are and the purpose of your life. In doing so, you come to experience more joy, success and happiness than you could have ever imagined.   You can find out more about Sara Landon and The Council on her website: Sign up for her newsletter and receive a FREE gift, as well as receive daily inspirations that are sure to brighten you up* Tip: If you want to learn from Sara Landon and The Council, then join her webinars where she helps you strengthen your intuition, so you can prosper in all that

  • Welcome to Awaken to Brilliance

    Welcome to Awaken to Brilliance

    09/02/2017 Duración: 02min

    Hello and welcome to Awaken to Brilliance, a show dedicated to celebrating the majesty of life! I’m your host Isabella Allard and it is such a pleasure to welcome you to the very 1st show. Awaken to Brilliance is designed to help you tune into your heart, strengthen your intuition and connect to Universal wisdom, so you can harmonize with the melody of life! When you join the show, you will be joining global leaders, luminaries and inspirational speakers as we share innovative conversations that enrich your life, transform your perspective and expand your consciousness, so you can live the brilliance that you are :) Like Pandora's box, once you open up, there is nothing else that suits you better. Here we undress the stress and reveal the blessings that already supporting you, all ways :) This is your place to SHINE! Awaken to Brilliance serves you with enlightening messages and intuitive teachings that you can apply in your every day living, so you too can live a most glorious life :) From these joyful trans

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