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  • The Spirit of Antichrist

    The Spirit of Antichrist


    Saul has gone from the king of God’s people to a fearful, hateful figure whose every thought is of destroying the Lord’s anointed and His people.

  • Desperate Times

    Desperate Times


    David was on the run for his life, and the situation was made worse because of some bad choice he made. But the Lord never abandoned him.

  • I Am the True Vine

    I Am the True Vine


    The Christian can only bear fruit by abiding in Christ

  • A Friend in Need

    A Friend in Need


    A covenant is a solemn promise, sealed with an oath, and in this Jonathan and David called the Lord

  • Uneasy Rests the Head that Wears the Crown

    Uneasy Rests the Head that Wears the Crown


    The Lord protects His people and does not abandon them, and the Lord uses these instances to bring warnings to those outside of Christ.

  • Soli Deo Gloria

    Soli Deo Gloria


    The more we know about God, the more we are driven to worship and awe.

  • I Am the Good Shepherd

    I Am the Good Shepherd


    Jesus is the Good Shepherd, who lays down His life for the sheep.

  • Solus Christus

    Solus Christus


    Without Jesus, there can be no peace; without Jesus, there can be no righteousness; and without Jesus, there can be no hope.

  • Sola Fide

    Sola Fide


    Scripture teaches us that we are made right before God by grace and it is received through faith.

  • Sola Gratia

    Sola Gratia


    It is only by the grace of God that we can be saved from our sin, and that grace comes because of the saving work of Jesus Christ.

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