This is the official Roast Battle podcast recorded live at the world-famous Comedy Store, as seen on Comedy Central. Two comedians enter, exchange insults and engage in a little verbal violence.


  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #15: George Perez

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #15: George Perez

    24/05/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    George Perez is the gangsta of Roast Battle, with a prison stint under his belt and an intimidating demeanor holding a sharp mind. On this episode, he sits down with Moses, Coach, and Frank to open up about how he got into battling, and to share a few adventures he has experienced.  @RoastBattle Brian Moses @racebanning Coach Tea @Coach_Tea Frank Castillo @frankccomedy George Perez @GeorgePComedy FEATURED BATTLES: Matt LeGrande @mattlegrande vs. Jake Sachs @funnyjakestuff  Ramsey Badawi @ramsbad vs. David Deery @MFDavidDeery Eric Carter @CallMeEC vs. Evan Cassidy @McEvanMcCassidy Skippy Greene @skippygreene vs. The Saudi Prince @sinaamedson

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #14: Tony Hinchcliffe

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #14: Tony Hinchcliffe

    23/05/2016 Duración: 01h35min

    The great "Golden Pony" Tony Hinchcliffe finally joins the show to discuss his involvement with the show.  Brian Moses @foxcompton Speedweed@laspeedweed Sklar Brothers @sklarbrothers  Theo Von @theovon Coach Tea @coach_tea Dom Irrera @domirrera Jamar Neighbors @jamarneighbors Tony Hinchcliffe @TonyHinchcliffe Grace Helbig @gracehelbig Rick Glassman @RickGlassman Rich Voss @RichVos Alex Hooper @HooperHairPuff Vanessa Ramos @thatRamosgirl Craig Gass @craiggascomedy Jeff Ross @realjeffreyross HATERS TABLE Earl Skakel / Omid Singh / Pat Barker @earlskakel / @brownman3000 / @patbarkercomedy Undercard Eric Bustamante vs Michael Arden @EricBComedy vs @MichaelArden Undercard Darren Davis vs Jesus Erra @DarrenDavis @JesusErra Undercard Robin Tran vs Tim Rachel @robintran04 Main Event Alex Doung vs Tom Goss @dapperduong @tomgoss

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #13: The Sklar Brothers, Pt. 2

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #13: The Sklar Brothers, Pt. 2

    05/04/2016 Duración: 39min

    We continue with part two of the Sklar Brothers episode.  @RoastBattle Brian Moses @racebanning Coach Tea @Coach_Tea Frank Castillo @frankccomedy The Sklar Brothers @SklarBros FEATURED BATTLES: Eric Hollerbach @EricHollerbach vs. Keith Carey @keithtellsjokes Vanessa Gritton @nesgritton vs. Izzy Salhani @luckysalhani Stuart Thompson @stuartbthompson vs. Keith Carey @keithtellsjokes

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #12: The Sklar Brothers, Pt. 1

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #12: The Sklar Brothers, Pt. 1

    03/03/2016 Duración: 57min

    From out of the cheap seats, Jason and Randy Sklar sit down with Frank, Coach_Tea and Moses. Two of the biggest fans that the show has, and two of the hardest working twins in show business. The join the podcast for the first time to discuss their infatuation with the show. how and were it began, as well as the place that the Comedy Store holds in their hearts.  FEATURED BATTLES Brendan Cooney (@CooneyOrDie) vs. John Mitchell (@jmitchellcomic)

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #11: Joe Dosch

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #11: Joe Dosch

    06/02/2016 Duración: 59min

    Joe Dosch is the undisputed champ of the Roast Battle. One of the most feared, most consistent battlers with a flattering arrogant delivery. Joe takes on Rich Slaton on this episode with judges Steve Rannazzisi, Sarah Tiana, Ari Shaffir, and comedy legend Dave Chappelle.

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #10: The Dirty Dozen, Pt. 2

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #10: The Dirty Dozen, Pt. 2

    06/02/2016 Duración: 48min

    Part two of "Dirty Dozens" with judges Whitney Cummings,Tony Hinchcliffe, Jeff Ross and Dane Cook. House haters Earl Skakel and The All Negro Wave. Jason Reitman continues his conversation with Frank, Brain and Coach on how he feel in love with the show, the Comedy Store, and comedy overall in general.  This episodes begins where the last one ended, starting with battles by Joe Dosch vs. Guy Branum,  Jerron Horton vs. Hormoz Rashidi and  Joe Derosa, Sarah Tiana. – DATE RELEASED: 01/26/2016  

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #9: The Dirty Dozen, Pt. 1

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #9: The Dirty Dozen, Pt. 1

    20/01/2016 Duración: 54min

    Verbal Violence fans are in for a treat with this 2 part episode. Director Jason Reitman, who's films include "Juno", "Up in the Air", "Thanks for Not Smoking" joins the podcast to discuss the short film he directed about the show. Dirty Dozens was organized by the steak holders of Roast Battle and it pitted the best 12 battlers in Hollywood against each other all in the same night.  Judges: Jeff Ross, Dane Cook, Tony Hinchcliffe, and  Whitney Cummings. Battles Olivia Grace vs. Ashley Barnhill, Alex Hooper vs. George Perez, and Annie Ledderman vs Mike Lawrence  House Haters: Earl Skakel – DATE RELEASED: 01/15/2016

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #8: Leah Kayajanian

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #8: Leah Kayajanian

    20/01/2016 Duración: 50min

    Opening joke taken from Joe Doesch vs. Rich Slaton, Coach Tea, Brian Moses, and new to the show, but not to battling Jay Light, sit down with Leah Kayajanian fresh off of her controversial battle with the princess of the roast battle Olivia Grace. The two had a surprisingly incredible battle with some of the strongest jokes the show has heard. With judges Jeff Ross, "The Roast Master General", Theo Von, Randy Sklar and house haters Earl Skakel, Sarah DATE RELEASED: 12/21/2015

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #7: Alex Hooper vs. Keith Carey

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #7: Alex Hooper vs. Keith Carey

    20/01/2016 Duración: 34min

    This episodes opens up with a quick exchange between Kenny Lion vs  Michael Monsour, Kenny was the first open mic comic to battle in the belly room.  Moses, Coach and Frank sit down with Keith Carey and Alex Hooper to dive deeper into their last battle against each other. Arguably the best battle on both sides in the history of the show. Learn more about Alex's hands and the threesome Keith saw with his mom with judges Brody Stevens, Kirk Fox, Nikki Glaser. DATE RELEASED: 11/22/2015

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #6: Sina Amedson vs. Pat Barker

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #6: Sina Amedson vs. Pat Barker

    10/11/2015 Duración: 42min

    Sina and Pat are in studio to discuss their most recent incredible battle. Pat Barker expresses his love the show, and how his passion for sports along with growing up in Philadelphia proved to be a recipe for an amazing battler.  Sina, from Utah, and proven roast battler exchange insults on this show's featured battle. Show also includes Parker Searfoss, Ethan Stanislask, Tom Goss, Moshe kasher, Jeff Ross, Kurt Braunoglar, Coach Tea, Brian Moses, Frank Castillo – DATE RELEASED: 10/26/2015

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #5: Olivia Grace vs. Keith Carey

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #5: Olivia Grace vs. Keith Carey

    10/11/2015 Duración: 40min

    Judges: Pete Holmes, Steve Rannazzisi, Ralphie May, Mike Lawrence & Jeff Ross. The princess of the roast battle Olivia Grace is in studio along with Moses, Frank and Coach. Olivia, the 19-year-old wonder, with Jokes beyond her years explains how she climbed the ranks of the Roast Battle underworld to be one of the most feared opponents in the history of the show. In this episodes match, we recap her most latest battle against Keith Carey.  DATE RELEASED: 10/12/2015

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #4: Coach Tea

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #4: Coach Tea

    10/11/2015 Duración: 34min

    The final member of the "Roast Battle" cast, and co-host of the podcast Coach_Tea is this episodes featured guest. Coach explains how his involvement with the show began and talks about his role as the shows dj and sound man. The featured battle was recorded on the night that Jim Carey made his first return to the Comedy Store after be away for many years: Battles also feature Josh Meyrowitz, Doug Fager, Jay Light, Frank Castillo, Jeff Ross, Theo Von, Mike Lawrence, Brent Ernst, Brian Moses, Coach Tea – DATE RELEASED: 09/29/2015

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #3: The All-Negro Wave

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #3: The All-Negro Wave

    10/11/2015 Duración: 37min

    Opening joke from a battle featuring Izzy Salhani vs Paul Elia. Jeremiah Watkins joins the show to discuss his role on the Roast Battle as a member of "The All-Negro Wave" . With battles by Dave Sirus vs Scott Bowser, Omid Singh vs Keith Carey, Stuart Thompson vs Tre Stewart. Jeremiah opens up about how he got his start in comedy and how he ended up joining the cast of "Roast Battle".  

  • Trains


    03/11/2015 Duración: 05min

    Jamar Neighbors has a beautiful filthy mind. He knows no limits, and respects no boundaries in his quest to entertain the world the world. This is a short example of his work remixed by Coach_Tea. 

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #1: Battlers

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #1: Battlers

    23/10/2015 Duración: 23min

    Brian Moses, Coach Tea – DATE RELEASED: 07/20/2015 BATTLES BY: Opening battles featuring Matthew Broussard vs Sean Leary, Coach_Tea and Brian sit down with Frank Castillo and Jerron Horton to discuss their most recent battle. 

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #2: The House Hater

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #2: The House Hater

    23/10/2015 Duración: 36min

    Brian Moses, Coach Tea – DATE RELEASED: 08/10/2015 With judges Jeff Ross, Theo Von, Jason Reitman; Brian Moses, Coach_Tea and Frank sit down with Earl Skakel to introduce his character as the house hater. Battles Olivia Grace vs Sina Admenson, Joe Dosch vs Alex Hooper and Keith Carey vs Omid Singh.

  • VERBAL VIOLENCE #0: The Origin Story

    VERBAL VIOLENCE #0: The Origin Story

    19/10/2015 Duración: 30min

    Episode Info Brian Moses, Coach Tea - DATE RELEASED: 07/12/2015 On the inaugural episode of Verbal Violence, hosts Brian Moses and Coach Tea talk about the origins of LA's infamous Roast Battle, then showcase some of the hottest jokes from a recent night of top-notch battles. Featuring Adam Feuerburg, Fizaa Dosani, Chaunte Wayans, Daphnique Springs, Teddy Tutson, Justin Rupple, Omid Singh, Sina Amedson, and Olivia Grace. ROAST BATTLE ON TWITTER: DISCUSS THIS EPISODE

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