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  • Ep. 002 - Nightclub and Bar Security Civil Liability Part 1

    Ep. 002 - Nightclub and Bar Security Civil Liability Part 1

    26/06/2013 Duración: 01h18s

    In this week’s show, Robert C. Smith and Manny Marquez discuss the important topic of Nightclub and Bar Civil Liability, a topic that many of us don't think about until we are in the midst of a lawsuit or litigation. Just a reminder before listening in - Robert C. Smith and Manny Marquez are NOT attorneys.  The information they share in the podcast is general advice and shouldn't replace specific, state and venue specific legal advice.  In the event you need legal advice or help, please a professional in your area. Liability – What is it and how can it effect you? Bottom line, liability affects everyone in the nightclub and bar industry - owners, operators, managers, bartenders, bouncers, security, kitchen staff, and everyone in between.  If you own a bar or work at a bar, you need to be thinking about civil liability and taking measures to protect yourself.  Attorneys, insurance providers, law enforcement professionals, and other stakeholders will also benefit from the important information covered in today'

  • Ep. 001 - Nightclub Security Inaugural Podcast

    Ep. 001 - Nightclub Security Inaugural Podcast

    17/06/2013 Duración: 44min

    Welcome to our inaugural Nightclub Security weekly podcast!  In this episode, you will get to know our hosts, Robert C. Smith and Manny Marquez, as they introduce themselves in this educational and entertaining podcast.  If you are a nightclub bouncer, guard, owner, or operator this is the podcast for you. During this introductory session, meet Robert and Manny and hear about their backgrounds in the industry as well as what brought them together to start this podcast.  Hear about how they hope to bring together their combined 30 years of experience in bars and nightclubs to offer insight and awareness around topics related to nightclub security.  Topics covered in the podcast will include legal issues, training, documentation, best practices, policies, procedures, and more. Future podcasts will serve as forum for discussion, debate, and to answer questions to help nightclub professionals become better at the workplace - ultimately creating a more successful business.   Next week's show will cover Nightclub

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