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  • SPM #17 How are #millennials eating and thinking about pizza with Sameer Shah

    SPM #17 How are #millennials eating and thinking about pizza with Sameer Shah

    17/07/2015 Duración: 21min

    Sameer Shah of Smart Flour Foods and a look at Pizza Consumers Today I have Sameer Shah from Smart Flour Foods, and they just conducted and interesting study with Jason Dorsey and the Center for Generational Kenetics. If your not familiar with smart flour foods we had Sameer on a few months ago to talk about what they do. In this research report they studied consumer attitudes and purchasing behavior relative to pizza. I know what your thinking, sounds confusing, but Sameer does a great job of explaining it in this podcast. Sameer explains what they uncovered this report and also some interesting facts that will surprise you about the pizza consumer.  What to Listen For: Who is a real pizza lover What is a millennials  Why they conducted this study What was the most surprising finding about this study How do millennials shop and consume data Why millennials are not purchasing like the baby boomers Why you should focus on being personal   Mentioned in This Episode: Smart Flour Foods Jason Dorsey  Smart Flou

  • SPM #16 Mary Brown of Spicy Pie Pizza

    SPM #16 Mary Brown of Spicy Pie Pizza

    08/07/2015 Duración: 26min

    Mary Brown of Spicy Pie Pizza In this episode I got a chance to talk with Mary Brown the marketing director for Spicy Pie Pizza. Mary started as the marketing director in 2012 and has run all of there marketing with a small team for the last 3 years. Spicy Pie Pizza is a fast growing company in North Dakota and currently has 6 locations with more scheduled to open in the near future. They use a variety of new marketing ideas as well as tried and true ones to keep there customers engaged and informed of what's new with there business. Lot's of great information shared by Mary in this episode, so I hope you enjoy and get some great ideas that you can use in your business. What to listen for: How the company grew to 6 locations with more coming How they grew there facebook page to over 21k fans Why they decided to consolidate their marketing How they gather emails When is the best time to send e-mail What is a facebook pixel How they run re-targeting ads  What is a look-a-like audience What is there #1 marketin

  • SPM #15 Building a Franchise with Michael Lamarca

    SPM #15 Building a Franchise with Michael Lamarca

    18/05/2015 Duración: 26min

     Michael LaMarca of Master Pizza I am, and have always been fascinated with what it takes to grow from an individual operator and turn that into a thriving franchise. I would always ask myself.... How do they find employees? What is the process, where do you start? How do you know if your ready? What would a day be like if we owned 5 stores? Today I talked with Michael LaMarca of Master Pizza in the Cleveland Ohio area. I finally got to ask some of those questions to someone who is actually doing it, and doing it well. I hope you enjoy this episode with Michael, and I hope that you get some of your questions answered as well. What to Listen For: How did Michael get started. How did he grow is first location. What marketing does he use. Why he decides to take Master Pizza into the franchising model. What obstacles he faced in their growth. How he spends his time managing the business. Why you need a Great website and what it can do for you. Why opportunity is the best motivator Links From The Show: Master

  • SPM #14 Transparency

    SPM #14 Transparency

    08/05/2015 Duración: 04min

    Visit Smartpizzamarketing.com for tips and resources to help grow your business or for help with anything mentioned in this show. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Irvingmedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smart-Pizza-Marketing Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Smartpizzamarketing

  • SPM #13 Systems and Education for Growing Your Business

    SPM #13 Systems and Education for Growing Your Business

    04/05/2015 Duración: 26min

    Today I talked with Shawn Rendazzo of Detroit Style Pizza Co.  Shawn has created a name for himself by putting Detroit style pizza on he map. Taking over a pizzeria after teaming up with his mom in 1997 and learning how to run a business by trial and error. Shawn decided to take his business serious and started to read about business and reach out to people who have been successful and learn from what they have done to build a successful business. He talks a lot about having systems and the need to get out and network with other business people to grow and scale your business. What to Listen For: Started as a delivery driver with no goal of owning his own shop Why his first 8 years in he business were a lot harder than hey needed to be why its important to network What he would do if he were starting today all over again Why is important o think like a business person and how to How to change your mindset for success in this business Why systems are the only way you'll be able o grow for he long term Links

  • SPM #12 Content Marketing Quick Guide

    SPM #12 Content Marketing Quick Guide

    01/05/2015 Duración: 07min

    Content Marketing Quick Start Guide On Monday I got a chance to talk with Marcus Sheridan of the Saleslion.com and we discussed how he grew his pool company business to nearly out of business to the most trafficked pool website in the world. He discussed the " You ask We Answer" philosophy of answering questions from his customers in the form of blog posts to help with common questions he was getting asked over and over again. In this quick tip episode I help you get started with this same content marketing strategy that Marcus employed. If you do this on a consistent basis you will see your website traffic increase over dramatically the next 3-6 months.  In This Episode: How to get ideas to start your content marketing train moving Where to get ideas from How your customers will do it for you How to use Facebook to gather ideas How to get other local business to help with content Links From This Show: Rivers Pools and Spas Episode #11 with Marcus Sheridan   Thanks For Listening Thank you for taking the t

  • SPM #11 Content Marketing with Marcus Sheridan

    SPM #11 Content Marketing with Marcus Sheridan

    27/04/2015 Duración: 30min

    Content Marketing with Marcus Sheridan This week I get to chat with Marcus Sheriden "The Sales Lion" . Marcus is a super smart guy who started in the marketing world with his fiberglass pool company River Pools and Spa out of Virginia. He tells us how his pool company hit a really rough patch to the point where he almost lost his entire business and had to lay off his whole team, and in a last ditch effort decided to take to answering questions he got asled all the time from customers. With this method now called content marketing. Marcus built his website into the most visited pool website in the country and saved his business. He now has a website and podcast over at www.thesaleslion.com where he talks and teaches all about content and inbound marketing. Go listen and visit his website he's a great guy and you'll learn a ton.   What to Listen For: How he almost went out of business and what he did about it. Why he decided to start with content marketing. What exactly is content marketing? Is content market

  • SPM #10 Twitter Tips for Your Business

    SPM #10 Twitter Tips for Your Business

    24/04/2015 Duración: 05min

    Twitter Tips For Your Business In this weeks Quick tip Friday episode I give you a tip about how to use twitter for your business. I am sure that everyone has tried twitter once or twice and found that it is a lot of work.  Using Twitter Search If you use it as a distribution tool it can seem like you never get any traction with your audience and that's because your using it as a talking tool and you really need to look at it as a listening tool.  What I mean by this is use twitter.com/search to find who is talking about your business or service and start a conversation with them. Use it as a way to find out what people are saying about you or the product you provide an talk with them. Twitter Lists Twitter list are a great way to segment people you follow (or not follow) into categories so you can easily organize them. It is very effective to separate your followers to easily go back and share or curate content for later sharing. You can create a private or public list, Private ones only you can see and publ

  • SPM#9: From Failing Pizzeria to 4 -Time World Pizza Champion

    SPM#9: From Failing Pizzeria to 4 -Time World Pizza Champion

    20/04/2015 Duración: 45min

    Today I got the chance to sit down and talk with 4 time world pizza champion Michael Shepherd. If you are familiar with any pizza trade magazines or show then you have definitely heard Michael's name before. We talk about how he went from talking over a failing pizzeria to becoming a 4-time world pizza champion and where he thinks this industry is headed. He also tells us how his first trip to Italy to compete he place 49th out of 50 yikes. and what made him go back to try again and what happened when he did (hint it's in the title). Get ready to hear tons of great information and take notes to try out some of his ideas yourself. Visit Smartpizzamarketing.com for tips and resources to help grow your business or for help with anything mentioned in this show. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Irvingmedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smart-Pizza-Marketing Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Smartpizzamarketing   Please leave your rating and review  

  • SPM #8 4 Tips To More Effective E-mail

    SPM #8 4 Tips To More Effective E-mail

    17/04/2015 Duración: 06min

    In today's quick tip episode I want to give you 4 tips that if used will dramatically improve your emails. When I say improve your e-mails I mean improve your open rates, click throughs and get people to look forward to getting your emails not get e-mail burnout because you send the same e-mail over and over again pushing your product every time. Every ones says  "the money is in the list" and this is true, but if you are horrible at creating emails that are not relevant to your customers I don't care how many people you get on your list it wont make you any more money.  You want your customers to get your e-mail and look forward to reading it. Ask yourself this, would you look forward to reading your own emails that you have been sending out? Is it something that you would open and read every single time and look forward to them? If you answered yes and honestly yes! not kinda or I think so it must be a hell yes! If you did e-mail me immediately I want to work with you. But... If you didn't say hell yes! Thi

  • SPM #07: Marketing Strategies with Jenna Gross of Moving Targets

    SPM #07: Marketing Strategies with Jenna Gross of Moving Targets

    13/04/2015 Duración: 26min

    What marketing strategies are working in social media Today I talked with Jenna Gross who is the CMO over at Moving Targets. She runs the social media marketing for the business but she started from the beginning working directly with pizzeria owners and she shares how you can use social media as well as direct mail to grow your business. We also talk a little about some things that aren't working so well right now and why it's important to focus on one thing at a time and not try to do everything all at once. Jenna has been with the company for a long time and started with them managing social media accounts for their customers before moving on to manage all the social media for Moving Targets as a company.  What to Listen For: Whats working in social media. Is direct mail still effective. What works best for direct mail. How to use Facebook adds to create a new audience. Why focusing on using one social media site at a time is best. Which social media site is worth skipping. Mentioned in Show Moving Targ

  • SPM #6 Quick Tip Friday: 80/20 Principle

    SPM #6 Quick Tip Friday: 80/20 Principle

    10/04/2015 Duración: 05min

    The 80/20 Principle Applied to your Business In today's quick tip episode I want you to focus on the 80/20 principle. The 80/20 principle is a way to look at your efforts whatever you are doing and asking, where are your results coming from? I would be willing to bet that 80% of your results coming from 20% of your effort. Are they? You can apply this to any aspect of your business and most likely it will apply.  Today, take a look at the different areas of your business and apply it and see for yourself.  Test them on these areas: All your marketing (whats bringing in the best return) Your hourly sales (what hours are 80% of your sales coming in?) Your menu (what items make up 80% of your sales) Daily sales (what days make up the majority of your weekly sales) The next step is to start the process of focusing all your efforts on the 20% and eliminating the 80% that is wasting your time and resources. More Information: 80/20 principle by Perry Marshall (book) 80/20 principle (audio book) Thanks for listen

  • SPM #5 Sameer Shah of Smart Flour Foods

    SPM #5 Sameer Shah of Smart Flour Foods

    06/04/2015 Duración: 25min

    In this episode I talk with Sameer Shah the Vice President of Marketing for Smart Flour Foods. Sameer and I chat about how he helps build awareness and sales for Smart Flour Foods through social media, traditional advertising as well as special events. He explains the techniques he has helped implement since joining full time in early 2014. In This Episode: What is Smart Flour Foods. What makes them a different gluten-free alternative. How did they get started. Where is the Gluten Free market heading. How they use social media. What is working best in social for Smart Flour Foods. How to target a specific audience. How they use other marketing to reach there audience. Mentioned in the Show: Smart Flour Foods (their new website) Smart Flour Foods Facebook Smart Flour Twitter Smart Flour Foods Instagram   Thanks again to Sameer Shah for coming on and talking with us today, He shared some great information that I hope you can use in your business. If you have a comment or question you can e-mail me at Bruce@

  • SPM #4 Friday Quick Tip

    SPM #4 Friday Quick Tip

    03/04/2015 Duración: 05min
  • SPM #3 Aaron Fletcher- Grow your business using simple online marketing

    SPM #3 Aaron Fletcher- Grow your business using simple online marketing

    30/03/2015 Duración: 24min

    In today's episode I get to talk with Aaron Fletcher of Fletchermethod.com. Aaron has been in marketing for over 20 years he is he Founder of The Fletcher Method. Aaron N. Fletcher is an online marketing consultant, educator, speaker and nationally published author of the new book Stand Out: A Simple and Effective Online Marketing Plan For Your Small Business. In this episode I ask Aaron what marketing he would do today if he was starting his own pizzeria, and what is the #1 most important item he see's small business owners overlooking. [su_frame]*Our connection cut in and out a little so the audio isn't great, but he shared some great information so it's worth a listen.[/su_frame]   What to listen for: Aarons marketing plan for pizzeria owners. Where you should start with your online marketing. What is the #1 item you should focus on. The Ratio of promotional offers to helpful ones in your e-mails. The right way to run Facebook adds. What Aaron would do if he started a pizzeria today. Mentioned in the Sho

  • SPM #2 : Building your business with community outreach with Scott Anthony

    SPM #2 : Building your business with community outreach with Scott Anthony

    26/03/2015 Duración: 36min

    Building a Business Through the Community  In today's episode I get to talk with Scott Anthony of Punxsy Pizza. We talk about how Scott went from being a janitor to owning his own pizzeria. We also talk about how Scott is building his business using the relationships that he has built with his local community.  I have followed Scott's work in Pizza Today and online for a while now and it was great to finally talk with him and pick his brain about business and marketing. He gives some great advice and practical tips on how to grow your business.  Click here to download this episode directly In This Episode We Talked About:. How Scott got started in the pizza industry The biggest change he has seen since he started Where he thinks he pizza industry is going What kinds of marketing he uses to grow his business Why building community has been so important to his business Links form the Show: Scott's Website Scott on Twitter Profits in the Pizza Book Ovens Scott uses - Edge Ovens P.O.S System - Revention E-mail

  • SPM #1 : Introduction To Smart Pizza Marketing

    SPM #1 : Introduction To Smart Pizza Marketing

    24/03/2015 Duración: 02min

    Introduction to Smart Pizza Marketing Thanks for taking the time to listen to episode #1 of the Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast. In future episodes I will be interviewing marketing and business experts and ask them questions to help you grow your business. I will also be interviewing successful pizzeria operators who have gone on the journey already and have been very successful at growing there business and have them tell their story for us to learn form. It takes a lot of work and focus to go from a single location operator to having 2 or more locations and I want to ask them to explain how they did it. What obstacles did they encounter? If they could go back the beginning what would they change or do differently? Also I want to ask them what's working now for them and whats maybe not working so well anymore. We will also be posting weekly blog posts that dive into the tools and tactics you can use in your business. This site was created for you to use it as a resource page to bookmark and refer ba

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