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NIGHTLIGHT EASTER PODCAST (The Story of the Lamb - with David Kiran)

Is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ still relevant in a postmodernist, transhumanist world?

SLAYING GIANTS - Fresh Insights into the Story of David and Goliath - with David Kiran

I'm thrilled to present to you David Kiran's fresh insights into one of the best-known Bible stories, “David and Goliath”.

SALVATION IN THE AFTERLIFE – Is it possible – with Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke, author of the comprehensive Endtime Seminar Series, joins me to tackle this controversial topic with balanced and skillful Scriptural-supported research. 

PEACE IN A WORLD FALLING TO PIECES – with Melvin Vallomparambil

What exactly is peace? Where does it come from? There are peace talks, peace pacts, peace marches, peace movements, peace initiatives, even Peace ® medicine! 

OUR LAST DAYS ‘ARK’ – Parallels to the Days of Noah – with Simon Bennett

The Great Shepard announced His glorious return will happen during a time that will parallel the days of Noah.