The Perfect Life A Jaw-Dropping Psychological Thriller

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Molly Chatwell has a beautiful house, a handsome husband, two children, and a job she likes. It all seems so perfect, but when her two children leave for university, she realizes her life has become dull and empty. When her husband refuses to go away on a trip with her, Molly decides to go alone. But what should have been a relaxing break turns into a nightmare. Back at home in London, Molly tries to put it all behind her, but when the police arrive at her door and tell her a body has been found with connections to her, she realizes her perfect life is under threat. A gripping psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end, The Perfect Life is the perfect listen for fans of domestic noir, Louise Jensen, B. A. Paris, and K.L. Slater.


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