The Last Thing She Did A gripping psychological thriller full of twists

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Conor and Dean are on the run with four-year-old Rosie. When they turn on one another, Conor takes drastic action to protect Rosie. He decides to keep her with him rather than leave her behind and risk getting caught. His only option is to return to his childhood home in Ireland, passing her off as his daughter. Sylvia, who witnessed the robbery, has her own secrets to hide. She becomes obsessed with Rosie and will stop at nothing to find the child… Years later, Rosie starts to uncover the lies, but nothing is as it seems. Is Sylvia prepared for what she’ll discover?And will she protect Rosie or reveal the truth?Packed with twists and turns which will keep you guessing until the very end, The Last Thing She Did is the perfect listen for fans of authors like Lisa Jewell, Rachel Abbott, and Teresa Driscoll.


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