Great Classic Adoptee Stories

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At the heart of each of these award winning audio recordings is an orphan with an indomitable spirit who becomes the heroine (or hero) of her own life, despite all odds.

Peter Pan
J.M. Barrie's classic tale of Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. (AudioFile Earphones award)
Great Expectations
It's the same thrilling story of mysterious beginnings, poverty, an old woman jilted at the altar, a beautiful, haughty young woman and a mysterious financial gift that transforms the life of a young person. Only in Larkin’s critically acclaimed adaptation, Pip is a woman. (Best audiobook of the Year award)
The Secret Garden
When her parents die from cholera in India, orphan Mary Lennox is sent to live with her uncle in a cold, dark mansion in England. Then she discovers a secret garden that has been locked since her Aunt died 10 years earlier....(AudioFile Earphones award)
Jane Eyre
After being subjected to cruelty in her foster home and at boarding school, Jane becomes a governess in the home of the mysterious, sarcastic and deadly attractive Mr. Rochester who harbors a terrible secret....(AudioFile Earphones award.)

The English American (for Audible Only)
A Vogue Most Powerful Book of the season, a Family Cirle Best Beach read ad Redbook’s Book Club Pick of the MOnth, Alison Larkin’s bestselling autobiographical novel tells the story of an adopted English woman who finds her birth parents and true love in the United States. “Hugely entertaining” The Times. “Larkin has a winner on her hands” The Oregonian, (AudioFile Earphones award.)


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