When Free Markets Fail Saving the Market When It Can't Save Itself

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Significant reform of the financial markets is coming. Financial Regulation will specifically cover the new rules, the theory behind these rules, and their impact on both the corporations and the individual.  The book is organized into three sections. The first section will provide the background needed to understand the issues of regulation.  This section will briefly cover theory, as well as the most common issues raised in the course of debate on financial regulation in general.  This will not be an exhaustive coverage of the topic, but an overview to make sure the reader has the necessary background to fully understand the need for and the intention of the new laws. The second section will look at the process the new regulations went through prior to being enacted, the debate and the result. The final section focus on the new regulations and the recent financial crisis. The book will cover the reforms that have been enacted and look toward any future reforms. The book will cover the new laws from both a theoretical point of view, as well as addressing what financial institutions will need to do to comply with these laws.