Understanding the Vagus Nerve - Vol. 3 Learn to Manipulate the Power of Your Vagus Nerve, Control Negative Energies Through Physical and Mental Natural Therapy

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The Secret Power of the Vagus Nerve

Vol 3 – Effective Stimulation Techniques for Treating Pain, Chronic Illness, and Inflammation

Are you tired of unrelenting chronic pain? Are traditional treatments not working? It’s time to consider a new approach and discover how your body can help!

With The Secret Power of the Vagus Nerve series, Clarissa Wundt explores the history, physiology, and research exploring the vagus nerve and how you can unlock the healing power it offers within itself.

In the human body, one of the major functions of the vagus nerve is the prevention of inflammation. Vagus nerve research has discovered a link in this function and the way our bodies process pain. This new field of study presents some fascinating and exciting new ways to prevent and treat chronic pain and illnesses!

Pain management is no easy task, especially for someone chronically ill. It can feel overwhelming on even the best days. Don’t give up! By learning to diagnosis and understand vagus nerve dysfunction, help may be closer than you think!

In this volume of The Secret Power of the Vagus Nerve, you’ll learn:

• how you can overcome physical and mental pain manifestations without relying on opioids

• what vagus nerve dysfunction is and how it affects your body

• why vagus nerve stimulation can alleviate your pain levels

• what role VNS plays in health and weight loss

It’s time to take back your body and discover pain management on your own terms. What are you waiting for? Get started today!