Inherent Eating Say Goodbye to those Useless Old School Diet Books!

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Inherent Eating

The diet culture has become extremely toxic for each one of us. We starve ourselves. We put our bodies through hell just to lose a couple of pounds. Have you ever ask yourselves why no diet works for you? Why, even after starving yourselves for hours, you are not able to lose weight? The root of these problems is not that specific diet plan, it’s our mind!

We think that by starving ourselves and exercising for hours will help us lose weight. The problem is, we make “weight loss” the center of our universe instead of treating it as “a means to an end.”

We CAN lose weight naturally to make our body healthy and energetic. We CAN lose weight to feel happier. This difference in the mindset will drastically improve your weight loss efforts.

Now, the question is how to achieve this mindset? That is where “Intuitive Eating” comes in!

This book focuses on nurturing your body instead of starving it. This book is a recovery book for chronic dieters. So they can make peace with food and achieve natural weight loss. Even if you are not a chronic dieter, this book will help you to change your unhealthy eating habits and disorders!

Here’s a small sampling of things you will find in this book:

  • Different strategies on how to pinpoint your values and goals
  • Tips on recovering your health that has been destroyed by different diets
  • A Step by step guide on how to become an intuitive eater
  • Different stages of an intuitive eater
  • Tips and tricks on how to make peace with food
  • A comprehensive chapter on how to deal and cope with your emotions without food
  • Plus much, much more!

So what are you waiting for?

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