Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting An Easy, Beginner Weight Loss Challenge for Men and Women to Maximize Healthy Weight Loss with Keto

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Are you struggling with your ketogenic diet? Did somebody tell you that you could get the perfect body but didn’t tell you how hard it would be to eat every single day?

Keto doesn’t have to be a struggle. Getting that great body is possible, and it doesn’t have to be hard. It does take work researching the right information and finding the correct way of doing it to get stronger, leaner, and to make it show. It’s an easier way to harness the combined powers of keto and intermittent fasting, so you can get that amazing body you’re working so hard for. 

Inside this audiobook, you will discover:

  • The main problem skinny fat people have with weight loss and how to overcome it
  • The counterintuitive principle: Why not to lose weight as fast as possible 
  • All the benefits of keto and intermittent fasting 
  • Carbohydrate cycling secrets