Treasured by the Alien Pirate

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I'm a wanted woman. In more ways than one.

I was arrested, then imprisoned in cryosleep, and finally rescued by a crew of horned, golden skinned aliens. Now my government has branded me a traitor.

Whoever is after me is willing to kill-to destroy anything and anyone in their way. They're powerful and without mercy. It's enough to make me lose all hope.

Until Grantian.

He's a dangerous man and he promises to protect me. Former mercenary with the Hael Hounds-more blood on his hands than he cares to recount. He's experienced suffering. And pain. And loss. I can tell that he sees something in me. Something that makes him willing to kill again.

Yet with him, I feel safe. And even if we travel to the ends of the galaxy,
With him . . . I feel like I'm home.

Contains mature themes.


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