The House on Rosebank Lane

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Leith, 1953: The war is over, a young queen has been crowned and eighteen-year-old Kirsten Mowat is glad to be out and about with her handsome, dark-haired sweetheart Duncan Armstrong. But there's a secret in her heart that needs to be told - and when Duncan insists on a shotgun wedding it sets Kirsten's life along a downward path. Married life brings tragedy, and Kirsten's husband and grudging mother-in-law harden their hearts against the young bride. Beset by grief, Kirsten finds herself alone with her two daughters and vulnerable baby Dixie to care for. She must seek out a haven for her children among the most unlikely of people, until the kindness of strangers and her own strength of will create bonds that will draw this family together in new and unexpected ways.


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