How To Draw Chibi

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“How to Draw Chibi Manga” is a book that teaches beginners how to draw Chibi Manga characters. Chibi characters are small, chubby, round, child-like characters that are frequently seen in Japanese manga and anime. With "How to Draw Chibi Manga," even someone who has never tried to draw manga characters before will be able to learn and draw cute chibi in no time.

This book is a series of tutorials that teaches you step by step how to draw a chibi, starting with the eyes, then the face, the hair, and so on, until you have drawn a complete chibi. After drawing a complete chibi, you will go on to learn specifics about drawing girl or boy chibi, how to draw facial expressions, hairstyles, and chibi pets. In the last tutorial, you will learn how to draw fantasy chibi characters, like Domo-kun, or characters that don't resemble real-world creatures.

Chibi are fun to draw. If you're looking for a simple, straightforward tutorial to learn to draw these fun, cute, adorable characters, then get How to Draw Chibi Manga today!

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