The Passive Aggressive Earner Your Guide to Break Free from the Shackle of 9-5

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"There's a wealth of information in this book that keen minds can take up and implement to get themselves out of the rat race, and it's told in plain language that is jargon-free and straight-talking. Overall, The Passive Aggressive Earner is well worth a read for the financially minded." - Reader's Favorite, 5-Star

"Author Jeremy Kho lays out an intuitive path to financial independence for anyone, regardless of career or socioeconomic status, in The Passive Aggressive Earner. From analyzing current income streams and behavioral patterns to leveraging modern avenues of wealth management and technology in creative ways, this book is a simple and widely applicable guide for those who want to change their present and prepare for the future. Structured logically and utilizing accessible language, even for those unfamiliar with the world of finance and investment, The Passive Aggressive Earner is a surprisingly easy read with the potential to dramatically change readers' perspectives, goals, and financial stability." - Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½