K-Pop Survival Guide A Rookie K-Pop Fan's Guide to Learning and Enjoying Korean Pop Music to the Fullest From A to Z

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Surviving the K-pop community can be a little daunting at first! To prepare you for the battle ahead, A Rookies Guide to Surviving the K-Pop Community, explores many different aspects of K-Pop such as:

• What is K-pop?

• Things you need to know as a fan and how to stay up to date

• The best ways to buy K-pop merchandise and where to find them!

• How to support your favourite artists and their careers directly

• Tips, tricks and common mistakes when storing, displaying and protecting your K-pop merchandise and albums

• Common questions when attending concerts

And much, much more! This book is designed to assist you in your K-pop needs by answering some of the most common questions on K-pop related forums and sites. Whether you are looking to buy merchandise or just want to get to know your favourite artists a bit more. A Rookies Guide to Surviving in the K-Pop community has it all!

About the Expert!

Hayley Marland is a long time K-Pop fanatic with over 6 years of experience with dealing with the K-Pop community. Whether it is an attending concerts, buying merchandise or running group orders, she has experienced It all. Hayley spends her days watching K-pop, Korean dramas, writing reviews and actively participating on online forums related to Korean entertainment and music. Besides K-Pop, she enjoys getting creative by making different types of crafts, drawing, cooking and playing video games! She always likes to try something new and is up to the challenge.

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