Kids’ Story Book Knights and Ninjas

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You are in luck! You have stumbled upon this awesome combination of 6 stories (no less) about heroes, fighters, and warriors!

These are the stories in this book:

- A ninja team is in search of a treasure, and gets assignments to deal with, to prevent poverty.

- A knight on a quest to prove himself. He has to pass every test that is laid before him.

- The perspective of a dragon who has a disagreement with a human. The dragon needs to get the eggs back that are lost.

- Two parents, two sides of the castle, and two knights who are about to get into a fight over a number of things.

- A war between several villages. The inhabitants live on different rocks and have created bridges between them.

- Mazes and monsters are the trials of the young heroes who are trying to escape.

Are you excited yet?! How about now?! Yes?! Great! Then start listening! You won’t regret it!


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