Forensic Psychology 101 A Quick Guide That Teaches You the Top Key Lessons About Forensic Psychology from A to Z

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Forensic Psychology 101: A Quick Guide That Teaches You the Top Key Lessons About Forensic Psychology from A to Z is aimed toward people interested in a brief but comprehensive guide about the application of psychology in the legal system. 

Whether you belong to a field within the legal, behavior, or law enforcement arenas or are just an intrigued listener, this audiobook offers an academic discussion of introductory key concepts of forensic psychology. These topics include:

  • Overview of civil, criminal, juvenile, police, correctional, and investigative psychology subfields.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the forensic psychology professional.
  • Consultation roles.
  • Relevant psychology research in the legal setting.
  • Ethical dilemmas, challenges, and controversial points.
  • Venues to address issues based on subspecialty professional guidelines.

About the expert: Sharlaine Ortiz has formally studied psychology and human behavior since 2006. While completing her doctorate in clinical psychology, Sharlaine specialized in forensic psychology for its application on the legal system in criminal and civil courts.  

As a combat veteran, Sharlaine provided analysis of information on internal and external threats and political, legal, and military aspects of events to mitigate hostile behavior. While overseas, Sharlaine worked as a subject-matter expert for the Department of Defense regarding threat and risk assessment for civil, military, governmental, and law enforcement organizations. 

Sharlaine is a member of the International Honor Society of Psychology Psi Chi and former secretary of one of the first Psi Chi chapters ever established in the Caribbean. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society.

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