The Stolen Daughter

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Award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley delivers a poignant, pause-resisting novel about the power—and fragility—of family, personal identity, and the choices we are called on to make . . .

Raised by a widowed mother, Jill Reed has come a long way from her difficult youth. But while she may not have had money, Jill never doubted she was rich in love. Her mother, Connie, made Jill the center of her world. Now, even though she has a young family of her own, its Jills turn to care for her ailing mother.

When early dementia begins to set in, Connie starts talking about Jills other life. Jill assumes its just rambling confusion. Still, Connies stories about Jills childhood, and her fathers early death, never quite added up. And when a strange man shows up to Jills job bearing news that turns Jills life upside down, theres no denying Connies devastating secret.

As Jill sets out to learn more about her past, shes stunned by what she learns and what it will mean for her future. Now, she must decide what price shes willing to pay to claim the life thats rightfully hers.


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