ISFJ 2.0 A Quick Guide That Teaches You Everything You Want to Know About the ISFJ MBTI Personality From A to Z

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This eye-opening audiobook is merely for those people who have the ISFJ type of personality and are ready to transform their lives entirely by following this simple guide.  

Maybe it took years of trying to discover your personality without knowing what your ISFJ personality is all about; no more worries - this guide is for you.

Many guides are going to offer advice and suggestions on what people with the ISFJ personality can do to succeed in life and career, but many of them are not true, provide wrong information, and are very difficult to understand. This audiobook is second to none, and my opinion is you should listen through it and act immediately; I am sure it will help transform your life completely.

This personality guide explores how to make the best out of your ISFJ personality under the following headings:

  • Understanding the ISFJ personality
  • ISFJs and personal relationships
  • Strengths and weaknesses of an ISFJ
  • Choosing the best career for an ISFJ
  • Communication style of an ISFJ
  • Planning for career success

What you need to appreciate is that the only way you are going to make headway in any field is by understanding your personality strengths and weaknesses, Otherwise, you will be running against a strong wind that counters most, if not all, of your efforts. That is not to undermine your competence and all, but really, whatever you have in your package will only benefit the person you interact with if they are receptive.

About the expert: Sarah Welch was born in and resides in the greater California area, where she has worked as an administrator for some of the biggest and most prestigious organizations on the planet. An avid instructor of personality, Sarah teaches thousands of awesome students from well over 50 countries. 

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