Burlesque Dancer 101 A Professional Burlesque Dancer's Quick Guide on How to Learn, Grow, Perform, and Succeed at the Art of Burlesque Dancing From A to Z

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  • Learn how to become a professional burlesque dancer with clear, detailed steps illustrated by real-life examples of famous performers from the 20th century and current stars, and benefit from a former performer's insight
  • Discover the legends of the art form and its origins, find out what kind of performer you want to become, and enter a world of glamour and glitter you never suspected existed 
  • Practice the basics of burlesque dancing with step-by-step explanations of moves, poses, walks, and a detailed analysis of famous classic burlesque routines like the fan dance
  • Hear tutorials on how to create or customize your own costumes and props, learn how to style your hair like a burlesque starlet, try out professional makeup tips to look your best onstage 
  • Develop your first burlesque routine with clear advice and examples on themes and songs and find out how the pros rehearse backstage to dazzle onstage
  • Get useful advice to interact with your audience and make the most of your first time performing a burlesque routine at an event, looking every inch the professional
  • Find out tips on getting your first burlesque bookings and the fees you might expect, and learn how you can develop your career and start working as a professional burlesque dancer full-time  

About the Expert: Emilie Declaron is a content writer and literary translator with more than 10 years of experience. She speaks five languages, including English, French, and Bulgarian, and currently works all over the world.  

Emilie performed as a burlesque dancer in her 20s, mostly in the UK where she lived but also in continental Europe. She ran her own burlesque show from 2012 to 2015, the Lady Loco events in the North East of England, and also organized one-off variety events in various venues.

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