Dyslexia 101 How to Understand, Accept, and Live Your Best Life with Dyslexia

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This book is written for anyone with a learning disability or loved one who struggles with a learning disability that wants to make the most of their brain.

• Tip and tricks to gaining scholastic confidence!

• What it is like to grow and learn with dyslexia. Gaze into the childhood of a person with dyslexia. See what struggles they face and learn how to overcome obstacles.

• What elementary school looks like through the eyes of someone with dyslexia.

• The challenge of middle school, bullying scholastics, and fitting in with dyslexia.

• Early adulthood with dyslexia. What it is like to attend high school, study in college, and enter the work force with dyslexia.

• The diagnosis process can be daunting, but when you take it one step at a time you can get through it. There are ways to determine if you or a loved one may be dyslexic at home, as well as by a professional.

• Why it is so important to find a support group when you struggle with a learn disability.

• How to conquer dyslexia! Tips and tricks to acing classes and excelling in the work place.

• Why there is such thing as feeling grateful for your disability because of the skills it teaches you.

About the Expert

Lucy Heiderscheit is a mother, wife, and business women. She enjoys writing, the outdoors, spending time with her family. Originally from Washington D.C. she grew up along the Mississippi River in the beautiful state of Iowa, which is where she current resides with her family. For a number of years, she struggled to learn because of her disability. Growing up as a child learning a little different bothered her. But now, at 26, she looks at her dyslexia as an advantage. She feels it taught her to work harder and the value of knowledge. Life would be boring if we all learned the same!

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