The Planet Man, Volume 1

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“The Planet Man,” a campy and low-budget graduate of the “Space Patrol” school of juvenile entertainment, serves up plenty of breezy not-to-be-taken-seriously adventure fun. It’s the golly-gee-whillikers saga of Dantro, intergalactic troubleshooter for an organization known as the League of Planets. The League sends Dantro out into the celestial world to maintain law and order. Assisted by members of Earth’s first rocket expedition, Dantro pursues evildoers like Marston, the ruler of Mars, who possesses an insatiable appetite for interplanetary domination, and a pair of dese-dem-and-dose space pirates named Slick and Blackie, who sound like refugees from a B-gangster movie. This collection offers the first half of the series, with the other 26 shows available in Volume 2.


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